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Cow Harbor Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by three brothers with deep roots in Northport, New York. Bobby, Tom, and Tim shared a passion for beer and saw it as a fun way to spend time together. They started brewing on a simple 5 gallon all-grain system in Bobby’s garage. They brewed together for a few years on this system and setup. 

In 2021, two mutual friends of the brothers, Jon and Will, expressed interest in joining the brothers to brew. They moved the operation to Jon’s basement and upgraded the equipment to a half barrel system. They experimented with new techniques and beers daily. 

The name Cow Harbor Brewing Company is a nod to an earlier era in Northport. With land that was rich for farming, earlier settlers grazed cattle on pastures around the harbor. Part of this land has become the two beautiful parks that exist in Northport Village today.

We have a passion for our beer. The competitive spirit between the 5 owners helps drive our quality. We have as much fun brewing together as we do drinking it. Please join us on our journey as we expand into a new facility and a 5 bbl system in the coming months. We know you will like our beer as much as we do.

-The Cow Harbor Team

Our Team

The Cow Harbor Brewing Team isn't limited to it's owners. Thank you to the supportive wives, families, and friends who have helped get us here. 

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